What's Different About RELAY?

I've had some people say, "Why do we need another evangelism training? Don't we have enough already? Why not just use (and they name an evangelism training)?" These are good questions. I'll explain why RELAY is different, and different in a way that compliments other evangelism trainings.

First, RELAY does not teach a particular way of sharing the gospel. That's right, with RELAY you don't have The Four Spiritual Laws, or the Roman Road, or  even the Bridge presentation of the gospel. RELAY instead focuses on helping you better share the gospel you already know. It does not focus on the presentation of the gospel, but on your relationship to the gospel and to your spiritually lost friend or family member and how to make a connection between the two.

Second, RELAY is evangelism from the inside out. It begins by focusing on the wonder of the gospel. It leads to to a deeper appreciation for what Christ has done. It takes that appreciation among other things, and turns it into motivation for helping others come to Christ.

Third, RELAY helps you to discover how God created you for relaying your faith. God created you with a certain personality, gifts, and life experiences. This means you will share your faith in a diffferent way, your way. God wants you to share your faith the way He made you. While in seminary, I learned a definition for preaching. "Preaching is God's revelation through human personality." That definition could be used for sharing your faith your way. It is the good news of Jesus Christ for fallen men and women through your personality. Check out the free online RELAY Profile in this site. It's just one of the tools that can help you to become more effective in relaying your faith in your relationships.

Fourth, RELAY gives you the tools for discovering the spiritual address of a non-Christian and then helps you to relay your faith at a time and in a way that will be most receptive to them. It helps you to know when the timing is right. Let's face it, a lot of us have tried to share the gospel with friends and family. But what do you do after you have tried and they have turned you down? RELAY helps in cultivating that relationship and knowing the right time to share again.

If this sounds interesting to you, then give RELAY a try. Oh, something else, it's most effective in a small group setting.

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1. Sandeep wrote:
OK, I’ve got to testify. I have been hunritg for over a week my left shoulder has been on fire. I woke up this morning not even wanting to get out of bed. But I went to church anyway. I could barely stand it through the Praise time. But as I was leaving church I realized the pain was gone. Seven hours without a pain pill and still no pain. Praise God!!

Fri, August 17, 2012 @ 9:27 PM

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