To order resources by phone call Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time toll free at 866-407-NAMB (6262). Your questions will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. If all telephone lines are busy, your call will be placed on hold to be answered by the first available representative.

You may also order over the internet at the NAMBSTORE by clicking on the links below.

To order the CROSS Evangelism Training Leader Guide DVD click here.

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The CROSS gospel tract "The Most Important Thing" is available for order here.

The Scenes of the CROSS booklet is available for order here.

Most Important Thing Web Cards available for order here.

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"Thank You" Web Cards.

"Something Unique About Me" Web Cards.

"Good News for a Change" Web Cards.

"Glad We Connected" Web Cards.

CROSS Evangelism Presentation Memory Cards order here.

Free Downloads that enhance the CROSS Evangelism Training system are available on the downloads link on the CROSS Evangelism page, or just click here.