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The RELAY Profile

Discover your unique way of relaying your faith by taking the RELAY Profile. This profile can help you to understand your strengths, weaknesses and tendencies in relational evangelism. The profile is free and takes an average of 40 minutes to complete. If you run short on time, you can save your progress under your profile account and finish later.

Share the RELAY Profile with friends. It is a great way to discuss evangelism and to hear what your friends think about your behavior, gifts, and life experience for relaying your faith. The RELAY Profile is only one component of the RELAY resources available on this site.

Begin by setting up your profile account. You will need to remember your user name and password to access it in the future. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


RELAY Documents

Participant Guide Downloads (PDF's of worksheets from the Participant Guide)

Teacher Guide (for use when teaching without the DVD Sessions)

Church Experience Guide (Creating a RELAY experience for your whole church)

Power Point Templates

RELAY PARTICIPANT GUIDE (The complete participant guide in PDF format)

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Listen online or download on your ipod or mp3 player audio teaching and interviews on relational evangelism.



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Watch video interviews and teaching sessions on relational evangelism.

Convention Leader Resources

Detailed overview of RELAY in Power Point

This is a power point to help in orienting pastors and church leaders to the RELAY process. For this orientation each person will need a Leader Guide DVD, The RELAY Book, and a Participant Guide. To download, click here: RELAY Detailed Overview_compatible.ppt.

Quick Start Handout for Pastors and Church Leaders

This is a short handout that will walk pastors and church leaders through ordering and implementing RELAY in their churches or ministries after the brief orientation. To download, click here: Getting Started_RELAY_rev2.doc

Info and Quick Start Handout for RELAY and CROSS Evangelism Trainings

Free download handout that covers all topics of RELAY and CROSS Evangelism trainings. This also has a quick start guide for both trainings. To download this guide, click here

CROSS Special Edition Handout

CROSS Special Edition Power Point

CROSS Evangelism Online Resources

CROSS Evangelism Training

In CROSS Evangelism you can learn six different ways of sharing the good news of salvation in Christ. The gospel presentation is based on the acrostic CROSS. The training displays the passion of Jesus in the last week of His journey to the cross, His achievement on the cross, and our benefits through the cross of Christ. CROSS Evangelism teaches how to use an internalized presentation, the story of the cross, your personal testimony, the internet, a gospel booklet, and a marked New Testament.

Other tools are being designed to use with CROSS as well to make it a great way to learn how share the most important thing ever. More will be posted on the progress of CROSS Evangelism.

To download these other resources for CROSS, click here.

This resource is a complementary resource to RELAY. CROSS will be available by January 2010. The Spanish version of CROSS will be CRISTO. Look for it in Fall 2010.

To find out more about CROSS Evangelism Training, click here.

To order CROSS Evangelism Materials, click here.

What is the Most Important Thing?

The most important thing is a website designed for use with the CROSS Evangelism resource. It is a personal evangelism site using the power of the World Wide Web. In the Fall of 2009 we will be updating the site and adding more features in preparation for the launch of CROSS Evangelism. You can go now to the site and share your story with us. We will review it and post in so you can start telling others about the most important thing in your life.  

NAMB Evangelism Training

If your group needs equipping in a simple way to share their faith, why not download the One Hour Evangelism Training course. It’s free. You will learn how to share your personal story of salvation and share the gospel using a witnessing booklet.

Click here to obtain this resource

Quick Two-Lesson Personal Witness Training using the "Most Important Thing" tract

Leader Guide for "Most Important Thing" Training

Listener Guide for "Most Important Thing" Training